Attract your Dream Clients as a Senior Software Engineer!
A message from Manuela & Cyril
Self-branding coaches for Sr. Software Engineers
Dear Senior Software Engineer
Maybe you know these problems...
  • Your challenge is to find high-paying clients to expand your projects portfolio.
  • You often work for low-paying clients you found through word of mouth.
  • This leads to excessive working hours and endless client negotiations. Your work-life balance and your income goals are completely off track.
Don’t worry, many sr. software engineers face the same situation!
Why focusing on technical skills can only get you so far
Many developers are extremely good at what they do. Their technical skills are at a high level and they are always educating themselves and chasing the latest technical trends.
It's not enough to be a very good software engineer.
Without the necessary business skills you'll struggle forever to get your freelance business to take off.
Here is the truth
Failing to learn scalable marketing will ruin your freelance business.
Misconception: Sr. software developers have no control over the frequency and quality of client inquiries through pure word of mouth marketing.
This approach takes years to generate consistent inquiries. If the market is in a slump, word-of-mouth can fail completely.
Most sr. software devs intentionally try to avoid non-technical skills.
They try to only sharpen their technical skills and hope to avoid the new marketing and sales skills they should learn.
Instead, they buy into the fairy tale of word-of-mouth.
The Solution: Leveraging your brand and online presence
As soon as you know how to sell your brand, your chances of getting your dream clients will increase. This skill also improves your leverage in all future contract negotiations.
  1. We’ll sharpen your positioning to ensure your dream clients are drawn to your unique skills and offer.
  2. We’ll emphasize your expertise in specific areas to stand out in the competitive freelance dev market.
  3. We’ll strengthen your online presence to improve visibility and engagement with your target audience.
We have a proven track record we can help people like you achieve more visibility and better client offers in a few months.
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