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Who we are and how we can help you.
Welcome to DevKickStart, where your software freelance career transformation begins. We are Manuela and Cyril, partners not just in life but in the mission to empower sr. software developers like you to achieve their dream goals.
Cyril Khan
Coach & Co-Founder of DevKickStart
At 35, I had achieved all my career goals but found myself seeking more meaningful success.
My journey began seven years ago when I taught myself to code, leading to a senior software engineer role with a €115k salary in a challenging FinTech environment.
Despite being on track to financial comfort, I realized that true fulfillment came from pushing boundaries and taking risks.
Like Manuela, I experienced the transformative power of stepping out of my comfort zone. In 2022, I joined forces with her to form DevKickStart, aiming to guide other senior software developers to find their path to career excellence.
Manuela Brunner
Coach & Co-Founder of DevKickStart
At 29, I turned my career around from a medical job that didn't resonate with me to a fulfilling role in frontend development.
My journey wasn't straightforward: It involved stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing failures, and relentlessly pursuing my goals.
By mastering coding, LinkedIn marketing, and optimizing my professional branding, I unlocked doors to opportunities I never thought possible.
In 2022, I decided it was time to share this knowledge and experience, leading to the creation of DevKickStart with Cyril.
My focus is on helping sr. software freelancers discover their unique strengths, build influential connections, and master the art of professional self-promotion.
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